I have always thought I found my way and what to do in life a long time ago, but recently I started feeling that I am still looking for answers. This got me thinking about how I made my key life choices and I realized that I knew so little about the world back then. So I thought of creating a library of stories where one can get inspired not by what others achieved, but by how they found their meaning, their way.

Why that? Ok, let’s break it down.


It’s about being who you are

In life it’s really about being who you truly are, not being like someone. Being yourself – that’s the best you can ever be.


We all want to make the world a better place

We all want to make the world a better place. How can we do that? I believe the best way to make positive impact is being yourself and doing what you love. Things created with love change the world we live in.

“What should I do in life?”

I wouldn’t start with this question. It’s not about finding what to do in life, it’s about finding the way to discover your purpose, discover yourself. When you sense your purpose, you can sense what kind of impact you want to make in the world around you. Once you feel it, it doesn’t matter what you do – all of that will be with that goal (impact) in mind.

Many of us feel that at some point we need to decide what to do, choose the occupation, do it ‘forever’. But what we actually need is different – we need to accept the fact that what we do is secondary to Why we do it. When we know what we want to achieve, we can do many different things to get there and this could well mean that we will change occupations several times. In the end, giving yourself a luxury of “always looking and never settling” frees you up to do whatever you do better.


Their stories

 With that in mind, the best thing you can learn is not how to chose an occupation or a university. It’s how to find your way, your purpose, your mission. That’s the best you can learn from other people – not how successful they are or what they do, but how they thought and approached finding their way in this life. It’s like seeing the real people behind the faces in the world out there.


So what’s this project about?

We are all getting examples of how people find their way from our social circle – our family and friends, just the people we know and see. But is this enough? While for some it might be, I think for most of us, a whole new level of self-discovery comes from exploring a whole big world of different people out there. Those people are far from our ‘matrix’ and that’s the best thing about them.

This project is about discovering how different people find their purpose and their way in life.


About me

I am a globetrotter and a startup guy, a dreamer and a thinker at the same time. I was born in Moscow, but left it right after my bachelors. I then studied in Boston & San Francisco, there I discovered the startup world of Silicon Valley and ended up staying for 3 years working as a marketing guy for numerous ventures.

I am a passionate traveller and I have been exploring the world since I was 3 months old. Travelling to me is a self-discovery through other people and places. I have always been amazed by how different people in the world are and how many wonderful things exist around me.

Living abroad and meeting so many people from around the globe is the #2 thing that helped me find my way. #1 is family and friends.